Why Alberto Recruitment

Our service-focused recruitment methodology ensures our candidates receive the highest level of service and accurate market information. Rather than trying to work on every open position for our client and introduce every single one of them to all candidates, we consider ourselves specialists, and therefore the best people to help you with your next move.

Our recruitment consultation is individually focused to ensure you only hear about the positions you are interested in or looking for. We only publish limited descriptions of jobs to provide some information to non-active candidates who are looking to be updated on general market activities.

A different recruitment agency

Here are some ways we make a difference for our candidates

Personalized Consultation
Personalized Consultation

Our recruitment consultation is individually focused to ensure you only hear about the positions you are interested in or looking for.

Trusted Consultants
Trusted Consultants

We take our responsibility of advising you on which positions to apply for, what path to take, or which offer to accept very seriously.

Solid Market Knowledge
Solid Market Knowledge

Our in depth knowledge of the legal market in Japan allows us to provide candidates with the best support and advice on every aspect of a career move.

Selective process

We do not introduce every available job or send you emails of all new positions because we insist on taking the time to speak with each person individually to assess suitability, and to ensure the best possible match for both our candidates and clients.

Complete support

We assist with resignation procedures and continue to maintain regular contact with you to ensure a smooth transition into your new role after you commence employment and beyond.

No sales pressure

We are not sales, KPI or target driven but rather look to be trusted career consultants, committed to delivering the best to our candidates and clients. You can be assured that we will not interrupt you with sales calls or push you to apply for any job that does not interest you.

Transparency with information

We provide both clients and candidates with important information, such as salary expectations, very early in the process. This ensures an open and smooth process to minimize the risk of any mismatched expectations during offer stage and that valuable candidate & client time is not wasted.

Personal service

We understand that candidates have a choice when deciding who best to represent them with the next opportunity. We never take for granted the privilege of our candidate relationships and aim to deliver service excellence.

Hands-on commitment

We are in the centre of every interaction and process between you and our clients. Your consultant handles every aspect of your search personally and will be able to give you important, relevant and up to date information. In most instances, your consultant has a relationship directly with the hiring manager and knows the team and company background well.

Strict confidentiality

We ensure the highest level of confidentiality when speaking to our clients or submitting your resume. We never disclose personal information without express consent and where possible, only send your resume directly to the hiring manager. We do not promote the sending of resumes through our website and only ask for resumes to be emailed directly to a consultant.

Genuine honest recruiters

Every new opportunity or job you take should be a stepping stone towards your final goal of a better career. The final decision is always up to individuals but you can be assured that we always look out for your best interests. In some instances, we may even advise against sending your resume out for an open job that we are working on, if this may potentially add a negative mark on your resume or affect your career further down the road.

Expert advice

Candidates look for someone who has the experience and know-how to help them succeed. With a background of working only on legal positions in Tokyo and with one of the highest placement rates in the industry, our consultants are best suited to provide you with the level of expert advice and guidance needed to secure that next opportunity.