Candidate Newsletter – February 2020

  • Candidate Newsletter – February 2020

    Candidate Newsletter – February 2020



    The Legal market has been very busy this month with new roles coming up in some major, brand-name, global companies. The focus is on hiring qualified lawyers, and we are seeing roles outside of the usual general corporate legal specification, specialising in areas such as data protection, information security, marketing and licensing. Another trend we are noticing is a stronger emphasis in junior to mid-level roles for foreign language ability (English or Chinese), especially from Japanese companies. In many cases, candidates with minimal experience are getting offers based on their language ability, ahead of their professional experience.


    In February, activity in the Accounting and Finance job market continued to be high. In particular, there are is a lot of recruitment in the IT industry, for start-ups, and companies aiming for IPO. There were many opportunities for those with accounting and management planning experience. Even foreign-affiliated companies continue to have a large number of job openings, with a wide range of job openings, including financial accounting and FP&A positions. Due to the shortage of those in their 30s, the recruitment age group tends to spread. Companies offering a good work-life balance as part of their culture and benefits such as flextime and telework systems have, in our view, increased considerably.


    The following are some examples of offers out this month:




    • US Manufacturer – Legal Counsel – 12M
    • US Entertainment – Contracts Counsel – 10M
    • UK Law Firm – Bengoshi Associate – 14M


    Accounting & Finance


    • US Consumer company – Finance Manager – 12M
    • Japanese IT company – Internal Auditor – 12M
    • US IT Company – CFO – 15M


    Recruitment Focus – New Year, New Start!


    Starting a new job and in a new office is an exciting time and presents many challenges outside of actually doing the job you were hired for. You will have to navigate a range of new obstacles and boundaries in an unfamiliar setting, in many ways, it is back to square one, whether you are just starting your career or have been doing it for years.


    In an ideal world, the company’s onboarding program would take care of any issues and ensure a smooth transition, but this does not always happen and you need to ready to use your initiative to make sure you have a good start.


    Start as you mean to continue


    Your first few days are an excellent opportunity to establish your image within the company and set expectations. Whatever comfortable habits you have built up in the familiar surroundings of your office, you now need to show the best version of you. Of course, you must be on time, you must present yourself well and let your new colleagues know you will be a reliable and supportive member of the team. It is very helpful to see the first few months as an extension of the interview process.


    Tread carefully at first


    Probably you are moving to a place where you were comfortable and settled in with your colleagues and knew exactly how the company worked. Some people make demands about their schedule and holidays early on, but this is a mistake. You need to spend the first few months at your new place focusing on building trust with others before you can make demands and set boundaries. You have to prove yourself again!


    Nowhere is perfect


    The interview process is the time when companies will do their best to show themselves in the best light and you will be full of enthusiasm for your first day. Remember though that every workplace has its negatives, nowhere is perfect. You will need to start with an open mind, be ready for any challenges and work out quickly which ones are worth fighting to change and which are better to accept.


    Your new company will do a lot to help you feel welcome in your first weeks, but a lot is up to you to make sure you have a good start and have a positive impact at your new home. There are many uncertainties, which is part of the excitement, and undoubtedly you will make some mistakes, but if you follow the above advice and, above all, keep an open mind you should make a winning start!


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