Candidate Newsletter – March 2019

  • Candidate Newsletter – March 2019

    Candidate Newsletter – March 2019



    This month in the Legal market has seen an uptick in opportunities, mostly for junior to mid-level hires. Manufacturing and technology lead the way for industries and we are seeing more candidates start to consider making a move. Many candidates are looking towards an April start or after the extended Golden Week this year, and this depends a lot on when bonus payments are due.


    In Accounting and Finance, market activity in February continues to increase compared with January. Especially, the healthcare sector is very active but we are handling many opportunities in management accounting across industries. Most of our clients have been focusing on candidates in their mid-thirties but, due to the lack of available talent in this area, they have shifted and have started to consider more senior candidates.


    In Human Resources, we are currently dealing with several very exciting Internal & Corporate Communications roles – aimed at supporting human resources in areas such as employee engagement and recruiting branding – at senior and Director levels. As a continuing trend, there still is a very strong demand for strategic HR Generalists / Business Partners.


    Another noticeable trend is that especially our Japanese clients are not rushing to make their hiring decisions nor compromise on their hiring requirements.


    The following are some examples of offers out this month:



    • US Pharmaceutical – Legal Specialist – 10M
    • Japanese Manufacturer – Legal Counsel – 14M
    • Global IT  – APAC Legal Counsel – 20M


    Accounting & Finance

    • European Retail Company – CFO – 16M
    • Luxury Company – Accounting Manager – 11M
    • Japanese Global Company – Accountant – 9M


    Human Resources/General Affairs

    • Major US Retail Company – Talent Acquisition Specialist – 7M
    • Japanese OEM Company – Human Resources Specialist – 6M
    • Major US Retail Company – HRBP Director – 8M


    Recruitment Focus

    Stay POSITIVE!

    When you are interviewing for a job you really want at a company you would love to join but are not currently employed, the number one thought in the interviewer’s mind will be why you are not still with your previous company. There could be a number of solid reasons; perhaps it was project-based or there was a relocation or restructuring for example. If not, it means you left or you were fired. Either way, you now have to explain why.


    This can be a sensitive situation topic and below are some golden rules to always remember:


    Never get negative about your last company or anyone who worked there

    No matter if you had the boss from hell or your co-workers went behind your back if you bring up how bad it was at your old place the interviewer will be wondering how long it will take before you think the same about their place, especially after the ‘honeymoon period’ is over. Nowhere is perfect and the hiring manager may not want to take the chance.


    You are no longer with your previous company because of fit

    No-one is to blame here. It doesn’t matter about the negative points at the end of the day – there was just not a match for you and the company. Take the opportunity to be positive, for example, you may wish to say “I really enjoyed my time at the company but in the end, I just didn’t match with _______. I think they were looking for someone more junior.” Of course, these points should match with the position you are applying for.


    Use the opportunity to talk about your strong points and how you match this role

    As an example, you could say “I think my experience in _______ wasn’t what was needed at the time, but I understand this role will give me the chance to _______ and that’s exactly what I am looking for. “ Simple, and of course remember to align your strengths with your role.


    In an interview, the hiring manager will be imagining you as a potential colleague and will be looking ahead to how you will work in the company long term. Staying positive and on message about your previous experience will give you the edge and put you in the best light.


    We provide a free consultation and training session to help clients improve recruitment activity and perfect their agency relations.
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