Candidate Newsletter – November 2019

  • Candidate Newsletter – November 2019

    Candidate Newsletter – November 2019



    For the Legal market this month we have seen activity at either end of the candidate market. Clients are more open these days to candidates at either end of the seniority spectrum, with roles open to new graduates and the over 60s. In the past companies have usually looked for legal support roles from junior candidates but are now also seeing value in candidates who have retired, of course they have a lot of experience but are generally looking for a less intensive role. At the other extreme, companies are willing to bring in law school graduates and spend time on training them up for in-house roles. This is likely a response to the difficulty in recruiting candidates in their 30s and 40s.


    Compared to October, the job market for Accounting and Finance in November is almost unchanged. In Japanese companies and companies with their own tax department, there is an increasing number of job openings for tax officers and tax managers. In particular, there are many job offers for international taxation, tax strategy, transfer pricing, and so on and there is an increasing need for licensed tax accountants.


    Recruitment for accounting departments at IT companies, venture companies and startup companies has also increased, and candidates with IPO experience are in great demand. As before, there are also many FP&A positions, and IT companies, consumer goods companies and healthcare companies.


    The following are some examples of offers out this month:




    • US Medical Supplies – Legal & Compliance Manager – 12M
    • Japanese AI Tech – Legal Manager – 12M
    • Global Automotive – Compliance Manager – 10M


    Accounting & Finance


    • Japanese Global Company – Tax Manager ­– 12M
    • Europe Manufacturing Company – Tax Specialist – 8M
    • Europe Consumer Company – FP&A Manager – 14M


    Recruitment Focus – Healthy body, Healthy mind! 

    Sitting at a desk all day and looking at a screen or talking on the phone is not what our bodies were built for, and it’s pretty bad for our health. For most of us though, there is no chance for us to stay active during the day, especially if we have a mountain of work and fixed hours. In an ideal world, we would be visiting the gym early in the morning or after work but life often takes over. For the rest of us looking to add some exercise but unable to get to the gym, here are 3 tips to help you stay healthy and active in the office and boost your productivity and energy.


    Make sure you stay hydrated – Have a reusable container at your desk and make sure you drink plenty of water. Making sure you are hydrated will help you stay focused for longer and keep you from snacking. It is recommended you drink about 150ml per hour while you are at work – one way to keep track of this is to put hourly markers on your bottle to remind you to keep drinking.


    Get up and walk around – rather than spend hours at your desk, make sure to occasionally get up, stretch and get the muscles working and the blood flowing in your legs. Taking a quick walk around the block will help refresh your mind, boost your energy, especially after lunch when you may be feeling sleepy.


    Take regular breaks – concentrating on one task for too long will inevitably lead to lower performance. You should schedule a time to get up, rest your eyes and give your back and neck a rest from looking at your screen. You can use this time to re-focus and concentrate on your tasks, giving yourself a new perspective and helping your creativity.




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